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Drive Technology Manufacturing

The need for efficient manufacturing methods that achieve a high level of precision grows consistently larger. Leistritz provides economic solutions regarding the production of ball screw and gear worms. Our whirling machines achieve a high level of precision for the thread profile and the lead, convince by quick set up and tool changes times and are characterized by high reliability and flexibility.


Ball screws

Ball Screw Manufacturing
  • quick set up and short tool change times
  • hard and soft machining on one machine
  • dry machining
  • high quality of profiles

Gear worms

  • short cycles due to high cutting volume
  • high precision for profiles and gradient pitches
  • quick set up and tool change times
  • flexibility for small batch sizes

Machines for manufacturing ball screws and gear worms

Internal threads

Machining for Internal Threading
  • machining of lengths/diameters of up to 1:20
  • hard and soft machining on one machine
  • no pre-machining of the profiles necessary
  • dry machining

Machine for manufacturing internal threads


  • high flexibility
  • low tools costs
  • simple operation
Gearwheel Manufacturing

Machines for manufacturing gear wheels

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