Drop-In Replacement Pumps / Re-Engineered Pumps

The Leistritz L3 Re-Engineered Pump gives you a drop-in replacement that may cost less than repairing your existing pump. The Leistritz Re-Engineered Pump utilizes our standard 3-Screw Pump Cartridge with a fabricated casing to match your existing footprint and piping/driver connections.

Give us the dimensions and performance requirements of your existing twin screw, three screw, gear, piston, centrifugal, or lube pump. We will select the appropriate Leistritz pump cartridge, which is the entire pumping element.

Then we’ll insert this cartridge into a customized casing designed to match your existing mounting and piping configuration. The pump cartridge is fully performance tested and the casing is hydrostatically tested.

The result…an all-new direct drop-in Leistritz 3-Screw pump!

15 minute Drop-In Replacement Video

Performance Data

  • Flow: Up To 1,100 gpm
  • Differential Pressure: Up To 2,300 psi
  • Viscosity: Up To 50,000 cST
  • Temperature: Up To 525 deg. F

Typical Applications

  • Vacuum Tower Bottoms
  • Coker Charge
  • Asphalt
  • Asphaltenes
  • Forwarding
  • Transfer
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Boosting
  • Re-Circulation
  • Lube Oil

Scope of Supply

  • One-piece, nitride, hardened and ground steel rotors
  • Single bearing (grease lubricated)
  • Single Mechanical Seal (located in low pressure chamber)
  • Hydraulically balanced design (no thrust load)
  • Durable, Fabricated-steel casing to meet existing piping & foundation
  • Pulsation-free and low shearing design
  • Optional heating jackets

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