Polyjet 50

The electric keyseating machine Leistritz Polyjet 50 opens a new dimension in profile and keyseating technology for the operator. Hydraulics are omitted thanks to the linear actuator. This way both the amount of space it takes up and the noise level are reduced considerably. This generation of machines has the same capacity as substantially more complex broaching machines as well as the flexibility and economy of a keyseating machine. Applications: feather key grooves, inner and outer profiles, grooves in conical boreholes, twist grooves, varieties of profile also in mid and large scale.
Leistritz Polyjet 50

Technical Details

Workpiece diameter 100 – 300 mm
Work piece length 400 mm
Groove width 50 mm
Base area 2,300 x 1,400 mm
Weight 10,000 kg
Capacity 40 kW


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