Polymat CNC

Especially when being used for low batch counts, the drawing technology of the Leistritz Polymat model range displays its advantages with a great deal of flexibility as regards profile geometry.
Leistritz Polymat 70 CNC Keyseater Machine
Whether it is being used for single-item production or in automated series operation, Leistritz Polymat CNC machines are universal and flexible. Thanks to the controlled axis, interpolation is possible. This way, special profiles in clearance boreholes (oblique, lubrication and twist grooves), grooves in blind holes as well as (ir)regular multiple grooves/profiles can be drawn in addition to the normal feather key grooves – and all this in accordance with DIN 6885.

Technical Details

70 CNC

Workpiece diameter 10 – 330 mm
Tool drawing length 300-600/800/1,000/1,200 mm
Groove width 70 mm
Max. tool weight 20,000 kg
Base area 1,200 x 2,300 mm
Capacity 7.5 kW

100 CNC

Workpiece diameter 10 – 500 mm
Tool drawing length 400/500/600/800/1,000/1,200 mm
Groove width 100 mm
Max. tool weight 25,000 kg
Base area 1,200 x 2,300 mm
Capacity 11 kW

125 CNC

Workpiece diameter 10 – 750 mm
Tool drawing length 600/800/1,000/1,200/1,500 mm
Groove width 125 mm
Max. tool weight 25,000 kg
Base area 1,400 x 2,700 mm
Capacity 18 kW


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