Multiphase Pumping Systems

Multiphase Pumps: The Ultimate Tool for Surface Production Technology

For many years, the Oil and Gas Industry has relied on Twin-Screw Pumps to operate reliably and economically in crude oil applications. The benefits with displacement pumps are easily recognized: few moving parts, gas tolerance, direct driven at typical motor speeds, and with low shear forces and pulsations. In the late 1980s the industry saw the advantages in Twin-Screw Pumps: the ability to handle untreated well flow with one piece of equipment. The result… the Leistritz Multiphase Pump.

Multiphase Requirements Form

What is the "New Normal" for the Oil & Gas Industry?

The results of oversupply and market price crash combined with the pandemic have likely left you looking for even more ways to get benefits out of existing resources and facilities. With the squeeze on revenue and CAPEX we have seen a trend that will focus on extending plateau production instead of drilling new wells. And as the market permits you will also bring on-line wells that have been choked back or shut in. To keep production running with rapidly declining wells, you could be pushed to do costly drilling instead of looking for ways to get added years of revenue out of existing wells. And still with less oil production, there is still the issue of methane release, which is more potent to the environment and has become a hot topic of conversation. Below, we have suggested solutions to these issues, and more.