Oil and Gas

Manufacture extreme environmental condition finished pieces
Workpieces that are used in the oil and gas industry have to withstand extreme environmental conditions. For example, they are put to use deep under ground, they are used to process and produce corrosive and hard material and they have to withstand high pressure. In order to guarantee failure-free, constant operation, the work pieces must show an excellent surface, extremely high resistance and stability. Their manufacturing is equally challenging. Whether drilling for oil or extracting it, with its machine tool solutions, Leistritz is a competent partner in this very demanding sector.


One or two start eccentic screws

  • high cutting performance
  • quick set up and short tool change times
  • high surface quality
  • dry machining

Machines for manufacturing eccentric screws


High Precision work piece manufacturing
  • Reduction in processing time by up to 50%
  • Great flexibility

Machine for manufacturing stators