Leistritz Pumps

Screw Pumps and Multiphase Systems

Whether you're in oil and gas, refinery, chemical, marine, terminal, power or general industry, we'll help you find the right solution for your projects.

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Leistritz Machine Tools

Machine Tools

With precision, flexibility, and outstanding preformance, Leistritz Machine Tools offer the perfect solutions for demanding and sophisticated manufacturing tasks.

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Leistritz Extrusion

Extrusion Technology

We continuously innovate in machine and process engineering for the plastics, life science and pharmaceutical industries.

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Leistritz Turbine

Turbine Technology

Precision products for aviation and power generation.

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Leistritz Services

Keeping Your Operation Running At Its Best

Keeping your technology working reliably after several thousands of hours of operation is a matter of maintenance, the use of Leistritz original parts, and the right advice. Our service department has the talent you'll need to keep your operation running smoothly 24/7.

  • Original Leistritz Parts
  • On-site & In-house Repairs
  • Start-up Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance Training
  • Inspections, Maintenance & Service Contracts

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In The Know With Leistritz

News, events, education, product videos, and more.

Leistritz Flexcore Applications

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Discover the FLEXCORE Leistritz Engineered Solution with easy-to-change cartridge technology. It's been designed with unique housing modularity and is flexible for any installation position and standard. It is configurable in flange orientations of 90° increments and provides a higher flow rate at smaller sizes. Extremely robust, virtually wear-free, and uniquely easy to maintain, it supports a broad range of applications including lubrication, fuel oil & burner services, and hydraulic systems.


We Serve Your Industry

Oil & Gas

From Multiphase Production Systems to Whirling Machines, Leistritz has options for the Oil & Gas market from our Pump and Machine Tools divisions.

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Our products include a wide range of Leistritz Screw Pumps and IRON Pump Centrifugal Pumps that meet the difficult challenges of Engine Room, Cargo, Ballast, Bilge and Heeling applications

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From pumps used in manufacturing through to the foaming of polymers, Leistritz has options for Chemical companies from their Pump and Extrusion divisions.

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From fuel pumps to manufacturing tools, Leistritz has options for the automotive market from our Pump and Machine Tools divisions.

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Power Plant

From steam and gas turbines through to screw pumps for lubricating and heating, Leistritz has options for Energy companies from our Pump and Turbine divisions.

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Leistritz has products for the plastics market from our Pump, Machine Tools, and Extrusion divisions for production of polymer, epoxy, MDI/MDA, and more.

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From production tools to compressor blades, Leistritz has options for the aviation market from our Machine Tools and Turbine divisions.

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