L4 Series Screw Pumps


The two-rotor timed pump with external bearing allows pumping of practically any liquid. As standard features it has integral shafts and rotors as well as replaceable liners. The multi-phase version of the pump has extremely short and stiff rotors for handling up to 100% gas at high pressures. The design allows for total customization with various seal material and mounting options.

Typical Applications
• Multiphase (Oil/Water/Gas)
• Polymer
• Crude Oil
• Emulsions
• Resins
• Molasses
• Naphtha
• Residuals
• Vacuum Bottoms

Performance Data
• Flow: 10-10,000 gpm
• Diff. Pressure: 1,500 psi (max)
• Viscosity: 0.1-20,000 cSt
• Temperature: 5-600° F

Scope of Supply
• Mounting: Horizonal (foot) or Vertical (pedestal)
• Bearing: External (oil lubricant)
• Seal: Packing, Single Mechanical, Single Mechanical w/ Throttle Bushing, Double Mechanical, Double Mechanical w/ Throttle Bushing (quench or heating optional)