L4 Series Screw Pumps


The two rotor timed pump with external bearing allows pumping of practicaly any liquid. As standard features it has integral shafts and rotors as well as replacable liners. The multi-phase version of the pump has extremely short and stiff rotors for handling up to 100% gas at high pressures. The design allows for total customization with various seal material and mounting options.

Typical Applications
• Multiphase (Oil/Water/Gas)
• Polymer
• Crude Oil
• Emulsions
• Resins
• Molasses
• Naphtha
• Residuals
• Vacuum Bottoms

Performance Data
• Flow: 10-10,000 gpm
• Diff. Pressure: 1,500 psi (max)
• Viscosity: 0.1-20,000 cSt
• Temperature: 5-600° F

Scope of Supply
• Mounting: Horizonal (foot) or Vertical (pedestal)
• Bearing: External (oil lubricant)
• Seal: Packing, Single Mechanical, Single Mechanical w/ Throttle Bushing, Double Mechanical, Double Mechanical w/ Throttle Bushing (quench or heating optional)

L4HG https://vimeo.com/266307588https://vimeo.com/265439906