Power Generation

Power Generation Major OEM’s and power stations use Leistritz Three Screw Pumps for fuel oil injection and forwarding, as well as lubrication service. The same pump models can handle low viscosity fuels such as kerosene, diesel, or biofuel, as well as high viscosity product such as #6 Oil in conventional steam plant boilers, internal combustion engines, and gas turbines. Re-Engineered pumps can also upgrade and revitalize power plants. Fuel Oil Service: High-pressure fuel injection pumps for ground-based gas turbines are a growing field for Leistritz three-screw pumps, either for liquid fuel only turbines or as back up for natural gas burning units. In addition to the traditional horizontal configuration, Leistritz offers a vertical base or stand mounted arrangement with the motor fully supported by the pump casing pumping low and high viscosity fuel, the advanced pump design offers exceptional efficiency and reliability. Lube Oil Service: Vertical tank mounted pumps are offered by Leistritz as a space saving design. Equipped with suction pipe, strainer, discharge piping, and optional relief valve, the Leistritz pump/motor assembly conveniently mounts to an existing reservoir. This configuration is also available as a custom drop-in replacement for existing old or high maintenance pumps.