Multiphase Annulus Gas Unit

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Multiphase Annulus Gas Unit (MAGU)


  • Increase inflow to a beam pump producing oil with a high GOR.

Oil wells produced by beam pumps tend to experience frequent or extended outages due to associated gas. If too much gas accumulates down-hole, the beam pump will simply shut down until enough gas passes up the annulus into the flow line. A typical method of assisting the gas through the annulus is to install a compressor. However, liquids also tend to come up with the gas, which can overwhelm the compressor, tripping their shutoff and causing the beam pump to shut in production. The beam pump mounted compressors are an alternative solution to this problem, but their limited ability to draw down the wellhead pressure reduces their long-term effectiveness.

A versatile and effective solution to boosting the associated gas is a Multiphase Annulus Gas Unit (MAGU). These self contained units efficiently boost gas and liquids coming up the annulus and boost the multiphase flow directly into the flow line back to the satellite or battery. By lowering the bottom hole pressure, substantially more liquids flow from the formation into the beam pump, increasing overall production. Since the MAGUs handle every phase from 100% gas to 100% liquid, they cannot be overwhelmed by a liquid slug, and operating the unit with an optional speed control allows greater production flexibility over the life of the well.

Each unit has two inlet connections. The first inlet connects to the production line coming off the beam pump. The total flow from the beam pump passes through a liquid knock-out boot, trapping a small amount of liquids for priming the Multiphase Pump, while the remainder of the flow continues on to the battery or gathering facility.

The second inlet connects to the annulus gas line and flows to the Multiphase Pump suction. A slip stream of liquid from the liquid knock-out boot ensures the MPP remains primed and therefore able to pump 100% gas from the annulus line. The MPP discharge line connects to the beam pump discharge line, down stream of the liquid knock-out boot.

MAGUs are typically mounted on a drag skid and can be moved easily from one well to another or left in place to support one well.

Scope of Supply

  • Leistritz Multiphase Pump
  • Electric motor (3600 rpm)
  • Spacer coupling and guard
  • Structural steel drag skid with raised rim and common drain
  • Suction piping with strainer and check valve
  • Discharge piping with liquid knock-out boot (including demister) and full flow relief valve (piped to suction)
  • Instrumentation (reference applicable P&ID)

Required Utilities

  • Initial liquid fill of liquid knock-out boot
  • Electricity – motor
  • Customer supplied motor starter

System and Area Classification

  • 300 lb. System
  • Class I, Division II

Optional Items

  • 150 lbs. Class System
  • Cooler
  • Trailer Mount