P.C. Pump Rotors


Down Hole P.C. Pump Rotors Made Better and Faster

P.C. Pump Rotors

Leistritz has developed a manufacturing solution ideally suited for producing rotors for oil field, down hole, PC pumps. By combining a heavy duty, long bed machine with a high powered, high rpm, Torque Motor Peeling head and an innovative tool system, Leistritz can guarantee speed and surface finishes previously unattainable on single lobe rotors, regardless of the rotor length.

Rotors are machined in a single pass using a staggered tool ring with a number of standard carbide inserts. Engineered follower rests support both the raw material in front of the cut and the finished rotor behind the cut to achieve a vibration free operation.

You can expect to cut a 4140 steel bar, Ø2.5″ with a minor diameter of 1.631″ at 800 rpm and move across the work at 8″/minute in one pass. So a 12′ rotor with these specifications would require only 18 minutes to finish. In many cases polishing is eliminated.

Leistritz has built machines to produce rotors up to 26′ long in a single operation. These machines have been specifically developed to produce the rotors of down hole, PC pumps for 4 & 5″ casing wells. These CNC machines are easily adjusted to produce virtually any pitch or eccentric O.D. combination possible.

To contain the huge amount of chips this machine produces the guard traverses with the “Z” axis carriage yet can be released and slid completely out of the way to permit easy workpiece loading with an overhead crane.

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