Revitalize and Upgrade Power Plants with Re-Engineered Pumps

The costs associated with replacing and upgrading older pumps in vintage power plants and process facilities have often been an obstacle for life extension programs or service change projects such as going for low sulfur fuel oils. However, when regulatory and operational demands make new construction hard to economically justify, it may be the only way to go.

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Pumps in Transfer and Pipeline Service

Twin-screw Pumps

Twin-screw or three-screw pumps are often used in crude oil pipeline services. Three-screw pumps can boost pressure from laterals to the main trunk lines, while twin-screw pumps are predominantly used in the main line boosting stations.

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Multiphase Pump and The Benefits to Oil and Gas Production

Multiphase pumps are finding added use as a supplement to conventional artificial lift systems to reduce the production footprint and environmental disturbance by combining oil and gas transport in a single multiphase pipeline to a central process facility. In tight shale production, the typical rapid decline of the natural reservoir pressure and added associated gas production demands solutions justifying increasing drilling, fracking, and completion costs.

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