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Thread Rolling Machines
LWN-630-RT-CCA CNC Roll Forming Machine

Specifications LWN-630-RT-CCA
Machine Data
Number of Rolling Slides: 2
Rolling Pressure: 630kN
Rolling Die Spindle Diameter Max.: Ø100mm
Rolling Die Diameter Max.: Ø300mm
Rolling Die Width Max.: 300mm
Rolling Spindle Speed Range: 5-90rpm
Rolling Slide Stroke: 2X 130mm
CNC Version: CNC Only
Process Data
Workpiece Diameter Max.: Ø155mm
Thread Pitch Max.: 18mm
Thread Pitch Min.: 1mm
Diametral Pitch of splines/knurls Max.: 4mm
Diametral Pitch of splines/knurls Min.: 1mm

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