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Whirling Machines
LWN-120 CNC Profile Whirling Machine with Tool Changer

Specifications LWN-120
Headstock ("C" Axis)
Spindle Through-Bore: Ø50mm
Spindle Nose: A2-5
Resolution of the "C" Axis: ±0.01°
Longitudinal & Cross ("Z" & "X" Axes)
Positioning Accuracy: ±0.001mm
External Whirling Unit
Through-hole (without tooling): Ø85mm
Speed Range: 1,000-10,000rpm
Drive Type: Torque-Motor
Power Max.: 8.0kW
Helix Angle Adjustment ("A" Axis): ±45°
Positioning Accuracy: ±0.07°
Workpiece Range: Ø10-50mm
Machining Length (w/ Tailstock): 500mm
Machining Length (w/o Tailstock): 800mm

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