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Key Seating Machines

Leistritz Key Seating Machines provide a wide range of applications.

In addition to the standard application for keyseaters to cut single keyways in bores, Leistritz key seater machines are ideally suited for multiple grooves in a bore to produce internal splines or even helical grooves. The CNC control of both the Polymat and Polyjet machine models allows the addition of several sizes of B axis rotary tables. In the case of many toothed internally splined components, Leistritz has the ability to design/manufacture cutters which can cut multiple grooves in a single position to shorten the cycle time. Additionally, the CNC is capable of cutting tapered grooves or grooves which lead in/out of a bore like seen in hydraulic components or similar.

The capabilities of a traditional Keyseater or Key Seating machine have now been increased to what was exclusive to internal shaping or broaching machines. Leistritz also manufactures all key seater tooling in-house for keyway cutting machines of other manufacture.