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Machine Tools
Leistritz Machine Tool Division focuses on 3 distinctive machine groups. Leistritz has over a century of experience in high technology niche products serving various global industries. Whirling Machines perform a highly productive process cutting threads, worms, augers, actuator screws, etc.
Virtually anything with a helix can be whirled faster and more accurately than any other cutting or grinding process.

Whirling Machines are sold throughout the world to small, medium and high volume manufacturers.
Many models are available with integrated parts loaders and gauging systems.

Rolling Machines use heavy duty hydraulics to form materials between 2 rotating dies to create threads, worms, splines and knurls.
Rolling Machines produces an extremely strong thread very quickly and accurately.
Long actuator screws can be rolled in a through feed process in limitless lengths.
Leistritz has unique CNC controlled models for ease of set-up and greater repeatability.

Keyseating Machines have a well proven track record of producing close tolerance keyways as wide as 150mm.
Leistritz technology combines powerful hydraulics with the fine control of modern electronics and controls with precision chrome plated slides, to provide machines that manufacture with decades of uninterrupted service.
CNC control opens the possibility to shape cut a more varied array of components, such as multiple keyways, internal splines, tapered grooves, or helical contours.